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RPD uses prototyping as an efficient process for development of products and solutions. We have facilities in 40 countries to help us turn around models and working products within hours. We help you use these for internal testing, and customer trials – learning how your intended market works, helping them define what works and what doesn’t.

We use this phase to cover the first 2-3 rounds of prototyping, resulting in a product suitable for 10-100 unit customer trials. Often this stage will be a considerable step towards planning associated media and PR, with presentation suitable units.

Prototyping and Development Stages will often cover the following work:

Electronics Development

Electronics development will start with creating large PCBs that have the required functionality. We use these to asses how the functionality works in real life, often finding the need for slightly different components or processes. At this stage, it is much quicker and easier for teams to make changes to the electronic design, and therefore a very solid early testing stage. As the specification is confirmed, the PCB will be reduced in size and components reduced down to chip-scale packages over several iterations of prototype PCB circuit boards.

Firmware Development

RPD often works alongside client software teams. We create the firmware that sits on your device, allowing it to function and interact with your website, app or other device. However, we do also create the necessary software when requested, allowing us to offer a full service package for digital, IOT and connected devices.

Design Development

Our designers work through many prototypes at this stage to find the right aesthetic design. They will work across paper, digital software and physical models to explore ideas. Often design teams will go through hundreds of physical models, making small changes and adaptions as they evolve the user-flow of a product. They will use hand modelling and 3D Printing to create these models, along with adaptions of the user interaction flow to demonstrate how they envision a product working.

Engineering Development

Our engineers come from aerospace, motorsport and military backgrounds, working with you to ensure the structure integrity of your products. They will use this stage to build the foundations for a safe product that will withstand the forces of intended use. These RPD teams will use early prototypes and simulation to develop the early CAD designs for how a product will work considering the structural integrity, fixings and any working mechanisms.

Prototype Production

Within this stage, RPD will often produce up to 3 prototypes to show and test all aspects of the design, coming together. These will start out being for internal testing and experiments, however, as they become more developed, we look to get them into the hands of the intended customer. Initially we will use 3D printing and CNC machining to produce quick turnaround prototypes at low cost. Towards the end of this stage, we can also begin to work with vacuum casting and injection molding to produce short production batches for controlled consumer testing and PR purposes.