hyperMILL® CAD/CAM Software for Prototyping

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Products slowly assume their shape step by step with models and prototypes, a process that is repeated everyday in every industry.

Whether you work in the automotive, aerospace, production, energy, or medical industries, OPEN MIND customers have one thing in common – with hyperCAD®-S and hyperMILL® CAD/CAM solutions, they quickly and efficiently arrive at their first three-dimensional workpiece, turning an idea into a tangible object.

Today’s modern 5-axis machining makes this efficiency possible. With free movement in space, milling reaches its fifth dimension. OPEN MIND has assumed a pioneering global role in developing the CAM systems that are required to meet this challenge.

5-axis CAM software hyperMILL®

hyperMILL® 5AXIS puts you in control of your business by producing time savings of more than 25 percent while lowering tool wear and increasing contour accuracy for more cost-efficient production thanks to continuous machining.

5-axis simultaneous machining with hyperMILL® is based on what users are already familiar with: CNC milling with a tilted tool. Yet the machining process is now quicker, the surface results are better and programming is much less complicated. Thanks to easy programming with automatic collision checking and avoidance, this technology can also be used as a solution for many standard milling jobs.

hyperMILL® 5AXIS can be used with our proprietary CAD system hyperCAD®-S, and is fully integrated to both SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk® Inventor®.

Benefits of Choosing hyperMILL®

When you choose hyperMILL® you can rest assured that your investment in the software and training for employees will pay off well into the future. While you may not need 5-axis CNC software capabilities or automated CNC programs today, it's smart to partner with the leading-edge CAM software company that can support you as your business requirements change.

    Fast - hyperMILL® reduces machining times with specialized milling and turning strategies for 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis simultaneous machining.
    Flexible - hyperMILL® works with our proprietary CAD software hyperCAD®-S, as well as SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk® Inventor®.
    Focused – OPEN MIND Technologies has been implementing hyperMILL® CAM software for some of the most well-known and technologically progressive companies throughout the world.

Let us show you how hyperMILL® can handle your complex parts with ease, and drive your business forward.