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Talk about the Internet of Thing commonly referred to with the IoT is endless because of Internet of Things has no fixed definition there is always only the discussion of whether it comes from one of our everyday life to objects that can be used as a device to ease our activity. However, we can determine whether a device is part of the IoT or not with the following question: is the product of a vendor can work with products from other vendors? Can a door key from the vendor A to communicate with the switch lights from vendor B, and what if a user wants to incorporate  became part of the communication.

So the Internet of Thing (IoT) is a concept in which an object has the ability to transfer data over the network without requiring interaction human to human or human to computer. IOT has been evolving from the convergence of wireless technology, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and the Internet.

"With Things" on the Internet of Things can be defined as the subject for example people with implants, heart monitor animal farm with transponder biochip, a car is equipped built-in sensors to warn the driver when tire pressure low. So far, the IoT is most closely related to the communication of machine-to-machine (M2M) in manufacturing and electricity, gas, and perminyakkan. Products built with M2M communication skill that is often referred to as an intelligent system or "smart". As an example of that is the smart cable, smart meters, smart grid sensor.

Research on the IoT is still in the development stage. Therefore, there is no definition of the Internet of Things. Here are some alternative definition put forward to understand the Internet of Things (IoT), among others (

According to Ashton in the year 2009 the early definition of IoT is the Internet of Things have the potential to change the world as ever done by the Internet, maybe even better. The statement is taken from the article as follows:
"Today the computer and man, is almost entirely dependent on the Internet for any information that all consists of approximately 50 petabytes (a petabyte is 1,024 terabytes) of data available on Internet and first was conceived and created by man. From the start, magnetic menakan buttons record, take digital pictures or adequate bar code.

The conventional diagram of the Internet leaving router becomes the most important part of all. Masalahanya is people have the time, attention and accuracy is limited. They all mean not very good in capturing data about a variety of things in the real world.
In terms of physical and so also our environment. Idea and informai is so important, but much more prominent things. However, information technology is currently very dependent on data that comes from the people so that our computer knows more about all of these things "

According to Casagras (Coordinator and support action for global RFID-related activities and standadisation) define the IoT as a global network infrastructure, connecting physical objects and virtual through the exploitation of data capture and communication skills. The infrastructure consists of the existing network and internet following the development of its network. All of this will offer object identification, sensors and the ability of the connection as the basis for the development of services and applications ko-an independent operative. It is also characterized by a degree of autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity and interoperability.

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